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In October 2012, the bloggers accused the art of plagiarism the corporate style of the brand National Parks of New York Harbor and use it for identity Gorky Park. Users have noticed similar fonts with graphic symbols. Style National Parks of New York Harbor.

The Style Of Gorky Park. Later, the Park administration has ordered the specialists of the law firm “Ivanov, Makarov and partners” expertise. The experts did not see the violation of copyright in the project and rekomendovali the brand to enter into a contract for further use of the ALS Direct font, designed by Studio Lebedev.

Also, the Studio has been accused of plagiarism of the design of the logos of the two companies is an American brand of home products Up&Up when creating the logo of the city of Yaroslavl and the Guardian when working on the identity “of the Newspaper.ru”, which got rid of recognizable letters on its website soon after the wave of criticism. In January 2014, “Studio of Artemiy Lebedev” fired his designer after the blogger with the nickname zyazyaveka indicated on its website for plagiarism firm new York style cafe “Moomah” when creating logos for web workplaces of “workplace”.

Soon after that, the project disappeared from the work list for workplace, and Artemy Lebedev admitted in his blog the availability of borrowing, promised to redo the work and dismiss the designer. Today the impossible has happened (although a couple of times during our 18 years this has happened). We have finished the project that was built on stolen decision.

For the designer, who committed this crime, it means one thing. Leave for one minute. The author of “workplace” Eugene Wolf reported in an interview with the publication of TJ that developed the style, despite borrowing his suit.

A common logo and began seething in the Internets, I was not too happy. I dont understand how they could use in life, as the space of one workplace — one direction masters. Sewing, hairdressing and so on. What happened profile logos I like, and I wouldnt want to give them up. Everything went smoothly and smoothly.

My readers could see the build progress of the project, including participating in the selection of the logo. At the end of October 2014, the founder of the Red Keds Agency accused the company of BYURO Pirogova in assignment design of the site operator Tele2. According to Bykov, to bring the issue to public discussion it was decided due to the submission of the Bureau of this work at the contest “Golden site”.

Development Director of BYURO Pirogova Evgeny Chernov replied that Red Keds was only a concept design, the company is updating this concept, layout and programming. Later on the competitions website has information about the participation of Red Keds, but Bykov is not satisfied. Given that, in principle, any contest site is a design contest in the first place, I believe that the work must be withdrawn from the competition.

Any member of the jury no matter how many lines of code you wrote. In February 2015, the President of “AVTOVAZ” Bo Andersson said about plagiarism Mitsubishi style Lada. I learned about it from journalists, we investigate.

Lets see how it ends. Im not too concerned, but, of course, want to know what happened. Previously, Lada chief designer Steve Mattin has told to the edition “the Newspaper.ru” that the design Manager of the Moscow Studio of the Russian brand Thomas Bigwood moved to Mitsubishi to a position of one of the leaders of the design center.

In July 2015, Andersson said once again that Mitsubishi Motors uses in their models the elements of design Lada Vesta and Lada XRAY, but said that “AVTOVAZ” could “be proud of the fact of borrowing a Japanese company the design X-Fae”. In July 2015, users accused of plagiarism by the creators of the flag with the slogan “Real family” belonging to the Moscow branch of United Russia. By design it is very reminiscent of the logo of the French organization La Manif Pour Tous, which opposes gay marriage.

By the way, look. Russian mom little fatty, but the French have a beautiful waist pic.twitter.com/v4goOX29p2. The next day, the very organization accused the party of improper use of the logo. Responded to claims by the head of the Moscow branch of “United Russia” Alexey Lisovenko in the air “Russian news service”. According to him, the modification of the illustration is consistent with the French side.

Manufacturers accuse each other of plagiarism since 2011. In those days, Apple claimed that Samsung borrowed from iOS devices with a distinctive user interface, packaging design and product design. Samsung had other claims in the illegal application of the standard wireless data transmission, technologies of energy consumption and prevent errors during data transmission.

Later Samsung announced unauthorized use of the Apple notification center, similar to the function of Google. In 2013 the company decided to patent the technology. If in August 2011 the company was sued in nine countries in 19 cases, already by July 2012, the list of trials was increased to 50 worldwide.

While Apple won the case in the U.S., Samsung won in South Korea, the UK and Japan. In June 2013, the Korean company has managed to achieve from the Commission on United States international trade limited ban on sales of some Apple products.

Litigation between competitors not stop until now. In may, the U.S. court of Appeals for the Federal circuit confirmed that Samsung copied the design elements of the iPhone, but still not infringe on the appearance of Apple phones. That is, the statement $930 million compensation will be reduced. The conference edition of Vanity Fair, Apples chief designer Jonathan Ive has been accused of stealing intellectual property from another manufacturer of smartphones — Xiaomi.

He said that he does not consider flattering for the company copying a competitors design products and other items. In September 2015, Japans Supreme court has fined Apple $2.7 million for plagiarizing a design element — in the development of the iPod, the company illegally borrowed from the 57-year-old inventor Norihiko Saito the design of the touch circle of the Click Wheel control.

After the Belgian designer Olivier Debi pointed to the similarity of the emblem of the Olympic games-2020 in Tokyo with his work for the theater in liège, the organizing Committee decided to abandon the logo (although before that long stood up to protect Sano and tried to prove the authenticity of the logo). We came to the conclusion that for us it would be advisable to abandon the logo and to develop a new logo. At the moment, we decided that the logo may not receive public support.

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