Why do we need bots in instant messengers

Fashion overshoes appeared — she came back, it is the next evolutionary stage. Themselves bots existed for a long time. First were invented in the 90s for chats on the IRC. In those days there was quite a lot of known bots. For example, “quiz Show” is the chat where the bot asks a group of people questions, and they have to guess the word.

This boat was especially popular over 10 years ago in a local home networks and Lebowski chat rooms. In the 90s bots were mostly the domain of geeks and techies. But now, with the popularization of WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and other messengers, this topic has gained a second wind. Thanks to iOS and Android every smartphone owner has installed at least one messenger by default. Added to this is a good marketing and active promotion of cross-platform instant messengers and chat rooms social networking.

As a result, the audience of those who are willing to use bots, has expanded considerably due to the technically unsophisticated people. And it raises the bots. Now 85% of all bots — it is ephemeral, life cycle is very short. In Russia it is not more than two weeks is the approximate cycle of fall of interest of the developer to what he did for two or three evenings.

The bulk of the bots create a single programmers — for them it is a simple way to learn programming. A mediocre programmer can write a bot in one night. This should possess General knowledge about algorithms and how to develop an online service. On the Internet today you can easily find all the necessary algorithms and source codes of bots old generation.

There is also a quiz, and story-tellers of jokes, and weather-foreign exchange bots, simple games, simulation of dialogue with the person, encyclopedias, horoscopes and much more. You can take the code, rewrite it for yourself — and here you already own bot. Bots today have two main audiences — those who want to save time and effort and those who, for various reasons, unavailable alternatives.

For example, now in Russia the great demand for cheap smartphones. They cost 2-3 thousand rubles, but due to technical weakness on them, it is impossible to install 30 different apps. This smartphone does not supply a separate mobile app with weather forecasts, separate from the currency or from the game – just not enough space. But bots with similar functions can easily satisfy all the needs of the user in the chat, taking very little space on your phone. The second part of the audience — those who want to save time and effort.

Bots provide necessary information in the background and in a familiar environment where the user communicates with friends. As a result dont need to switch between different applications to perform a particular operation — for example, to lend money to a friend in the same chat room where you discuss the latest football news. The bots that are of interest to a mass audience, not so much — no more than 15. Most bots are created are entertaining or informative nature, they are very simple.

The most common bot is the one that can accept one command and to give one answer, for example. “The dollar. Up 78.2”, “Weather in Moscow. Minus 13”.

80% of these bots of the same type. This situation is similar to the situation of applications in markets mobile apps for Android and iOS — theres also too many similar applications. Now Russia is almost a world leader in the creation of bots. Most bots are created for Telegram — platform popular among Russians as a “native Russian”, recently the service has offered its users a very convenient API-tools.

Bots that are created in the Telegram is about half of all newly created bots in the world. Before it was popular to create bots for Twitter and WhatsApp. Popular boat organizer. At a time when several people agree in a group chat about a business meeting, the bot analyzes the calendars of the participants of the dialogue and suggests handy all the time and restaurants you could meet.

In Instagram, basically, distributed bots that publish photos and thereby increase its subscriber base. The bot is an interactive party chat. To enter into dialogue, it is enough to give a simple command. And that means hes one step closer to the user than a mobile app, and two, the website.

If we talk about financial bots, they have good prospects in niches associated with spontaneous transaction. For example, the random purchase of a product discount, a donation or money transfer. In addition, more intelligent solutions. The bot can handle the data user to notify about the planned payments about the approaching deadline of the end of privileges for payment of the fine.

Perhaps in the future, with the help of the bot, you can authorize a financial transaction when the user does not have access to a computer. The same application will most likely remain more popular, when the payment is not as spontaneous. For example, in the application “Yandex.Money” contains the entire catalogue of the citys payments, management of credit cards and the wallet settings and the history with the function of their repetition. Such capabilities users need in a convenient interface, to ensure that through the difficult messenger.

In General, the business very carefully while trying his hand in this area, as it is difficult to predict, if investments. So companies prefer to do something very simple and information. For example, National Geographic publishes a digest of their best photos. And the bot “Sberbank” provides information on branches, ATMs, exchange rates and contacts Bank.

News sites, such as “Medusa” or the “Lifehacker” offer bots with announcements of fresh materials. The company has bot Lingvo translator, and GitHub bot allows users to monitor changes in their public repositories via chat. Create a functional bot takes on average 2-4 weeks. For example, if you take the online store, during this time, you can create a bot that will accept and process orders.

In addition, it can act as a marketing tool. To send a chat top sellers and best deals of the week, to respond the item number and user ID to checkout. The life cycle of a bot at large companies will be at least two to three years. It coincides with the life cycle of website and mobile application. All three resources should be updated and developed at the same time — otherwise the client, noting the differences in functionality, can simply unsubscribe from a backward, poorly updated bot.

If you order in the capital it companies, the development of a sophisticated bot can do in 500 thousand rubles. In the companys regional less — from 50 thousand to 150 thousand rubles. But cheaper to just order at freelancer — he asks about 20 thousand rubles. The bot will certainly be your own audience. And, not a little.

Chats, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter is a very Mature decision. These platforms eventually will only become better, that will give ground for the creation of new bots. This further will attract new users. But you need to understand that bots is not the kind of technology that will change the world tomorrow so that all refuse from mobile apps.

Bots will always be limited by the capabilities of chat or messenger, which are significantly less opportunities for full-fledged mobile app. Rather everything goes to the formation of hybrid information space in which the application is on the computer and on mobile devices, the browser and messenger are one and the same, and the transition between them is completely transparent.

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