Why go to a gaming conference White Nights in Moscow

If I in 2012 said that our first relatively small conference for up to 300 people will turn into a major international event, which will take place three times a year in different cities and even countries, I would believe.. Because I clearly understood why we are doing White Nights. We wanted to create a meeting place for representatives of the new industry. Less than two weeks, on October 13-14, we are going for the first time in Moscow.

And about now many companies the question. To go to White Nights or not. To some it may seem that there is nothing special. Publishers need not all, the game already its like someone showed or did not finish all that was going, so time and money once again to spend not want to.

As Director of business development at Nevosoft I always ask myself the question. And would we participate if the conference was not our. And thats what I thought before answering. On White Nights will bring together representatives of all major platforms.

All this means that if you have at least one relatively decent mobile or a social game, and you still hope for it taking off, then the White Nights you will have a chance to prepare the runway. Believe me, such conditions which are partners in the launch of new services, then nobody gets.

Also will never be able to compare the amounts of traffic. Due to the fact that our “planet gems” was among the first games at launch of the mobile platform VK, we received plants from Russia for several million dollars, and the game continuously for a year is in the top grossing top. As I wrote above, “Odnoklassniki” announced the launch of its mobile gaming platform — a chance to use this opportunity to the maximum will be those who know about everything first.

Or lets imagine that the meeting at the conference will lead to Vecherniy on one of the platforms, and as a result you will receive 200 000 free (!) downloads. Even at very modest ARPU of $0.1 and $20 000. The investment in a ticket — $320. Even if another $700 you spend on tickets to Moscow and accommodation.

A good ROI is obtained, isnt it. Of course, there are no guarantees — as in almost everything we do. But its either live with it and do what he likes, or to sell vacuum cleaners “Kirby”.

At conferences occur not only announcements of new services from the industry giants — here about release to the market announce new company. And here applies the same logic. The first partners are offered the most favorable conditions. What are the main issues facing gaming companies.

Right where to get traffic and how to monetize in your project. And in this way actively think the founders of new businesses. I can say in advance that a couple of interesting announcements from this sector will definitely be. In Russia, unfortunately, a good B2B events there are very few, and this is bad news.

But there are remaining high-quality growth. It is on White Nights come top representatives of the leading companies in the world — often this is their first trip to Russia. I love to tell that to persuade a person living in California and working in a company like Warner Bros., to come to Russia in winter — not an easy task, but I can. Of course, they can catch and at other conferences — but now just imagine the cost of trips abroad, especially given the current exchange rates.

Get much more expensive. In General, we often nod toward the West. They say, work more efficiently and theres something else out there better.

You can look at events that are held there, and their number. Take, for example, London. Only there is held annually a few dozen of conferences for the gaming industry. Perhaps people have something to discuss, and they do not consider attending conferences useless. Its strange to think that you know everything, sitting at home and reading Facebook.

Unfortunately, in the top of the world projects from Russian-speaking developers is vanishingly small — probably still dont know something. For us, Nevosoft, this conference is the biggest task bizdev Department. When we three years ago I decided to carry it out, we wanted to be in the midst of industry and personally meet with the leading companies in the world. And, you know, we did it.

Every week I do about 30 introduces by mail — introduce some people with other. How do I know. All because I went to different conferences, and then many were brought to Russia. 90% of transactions I had, were made through personal acquaintance with the other side.

In addition, there is such a thing as the law of weak ties. This is when the most important events in life are due to superficial acquaintance with someone. When some nodding acquaintance may suddenly play a very important role — for example, to take and to meet a future business partner or significant investor, or to give some simple advice, which would entail global changes for you.

The more you know people, the more such opportunities. No wonder they say that you never know where you will find. Therefore, one should always look for, and, returning to my question, did we at White Nights, whether its not our conference — the answer is simple. Of course, Yes.

We often boast about the speakers composition of White Nights. This time we will come to the Fireproof Studios, Gamevil, Miniclip and GREE — these companies will perform for the first time. But we have many other interesting participants. Wargaming, ARM, Twitter, Appodeal, ZeptoLab, Adappio, Creative Mobile, TabTale, Riot Games, Game Insight, Disney, SEGA Networks.

And two weeks before the conference we recorded statistically 60% of people, which means that you can take a place of honor among the above. Software is available on the website.

You can register here. All about parties. And 10 readers vc.ru will get tickets for free.

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