Why The Need For And To Influence Public Views Of The Records In “Vkontakte” €? The Views Of Market Participants

14 March developers “Vkontakte” added the count of records on the personal pages of users and communities. Edition vc.ru interviewed participants of the advertising market and learned how the innovation will affect the behavior of brands, agencies and users. The counter display is available in the web version of “Vkontakte” the social network.

It is located under the publications and shows information about all records published since the beginning of January 2017. Before the start of the counter normal users can judge about the popularity of publications on indirect parameters “likes” and “reposts”. The exact number of hits known only to the owners of the pages.

“Sometimes the number of “Likes” does not indicate whether the entry is really interesting — the real number of views is always many times more”, — said the head of web development “Vkontakte” Vadim Dorokhov. According to him, the new figure will be an additional source of feedback and motivation for content authors, who will tell you what information causes the greatest interest among the audience. Edition vc.ru addressed to representatives of “Vkontakte”, agencies and brands to know who it is and why you need a new indicator and how it will affect job in the social network.

According to the head a press-services “Vkontakte” Eugene Krasnikov for the author is just another source of feedback as the number of likes and the number of users and communities, who shared a record of the author. Development Director of “Vkontakte” Alexander Kruglov in conversation with vc.ru noted that this may be a new tool for business. “”Likes” as a measure of success depreciate.

The authors understand how their content is in demand. SMM-specialists looking at each other with “likes”, but for business “likes” not at all important,” he says. SMM-Director of the Agency Affect Roman Kolosov, in contrast, believes that this figure will not help to assess the business and measure the effectiveness of the community. First, we [in our team] was delighted that it is now possible to objectively assess the amount of coverage between different brands and therefore understand the scope of media investments in content.

But it turned out that this figure does not show the number of advertising coverage, and for authors of content, the statistics have long been available. The only possible use of this indicator as I can see — the long-awaited transition from the ER to the ERreach (ER — ratio of the number of operations to number of subscribers. ERreach — respect to all actions to reach a more objective measure approx. Ed.) but only if objective the separation of engagements on “advertising” and organic, which is pretty unlikely. So for business, and for an objective assessment of the communities this indicator in its current form is useless.

Representatives of the brands agree that innovation will force the authors to be serious about the training material, evaluation of competitors, or at least disciplinary the relationship between agencies and brands. This is a great indicator. He gives a more detailed picture of competitors activities and media in a social network. We in the “savings Bank” very excited that the team of “Vkontakte” will finalize the functionality and then will be available to see the complete coverage of the records, not just their small part.

I think this will help to raise the quality of brand content and to reduce the risk of fraud by unscrupulous media and SMM agencies. With regard to relations “client — Agency”, a new indicator will allow to build another index of the effectiveness of published content. I dont think the counters globally will affect the quality of content within a social network, but to some extent it needs to deliver the brand platform “Vkontakte” from information collection and force content makers to think about the preferences of the audience. Making such information available to all visitors makes the counter even more valuable — from the point of view of the analysis of competitive activity. This allows you to collect relevant content trends within the subject and experiment.

Managing partner at the Little Big Agency Maxim Yurin refers to the innovation positively, but notes that when evaluating publications it is important to separate personal and professional goals. From the perspective of the private pages, I mean, sometimes it is interesting to know how many hits received my post — ego, to assess the real percentage of viewers of the content of the total number of subscribers. In Facebook I dont have enough, in “Vkontakte” just almost dont use a personal page. But there is a caveat, let me explain with exaggerated example.

For example, one girl trying to attract the attention of guys-inducing photos on his personal page in “Vkontakte”. And the measure of success considers recent counter hits. 100 hits on the counter — so that 100 promising guys from BMW have a look at her photos. Not always. Because the views — no coverage (the number of unique users).

And perhaps this is one sad guy on Lada just why something 100 times and looked at her photo. It is necessary to keep in mind all girls and not only. From a professional point of view, the innovation helps me, for example, the eye to evaluate the visibility of the posts, when doing a competitor analysis for any brand or public, when doing advertising placement — no queries, statistics, or search it in the market. I think it can cause problems from unscrupulous bloggers, owners of the pages and pages of companies who cheat subscribers and bots. Now you can estimate the approximate percentage of actual audience of the page, covering the posts.

Of course, market professionals have found ways to do this and to innovations but is now easier than ever. Zuckerberg, do the same for personal pages on Facebook! Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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