Why The Owner To Go To The United States: Conditions For Start-UPS And Financing

USA provides maximum opportunities for those who are looking for ways to implement their business ideas. And not only in the famous Silicon valley. In recent years, the country has successfully developed other innovative centers. Boston ranks third in the U.S. according to the investment scale.

Thanks to the world-famous higher education institutions in Massachusetts, is a real smithy of successful startups. Well-known technological community Route 128. The small town of boulder, Colorado took the lead thanks to the incubator TechStars.

In North Carolina there is a very successful incubator LaunchBox Digital, and Research Triangle Park. Texas is famous thanks to South by SouthWest (SXSW). Twitter and Foursquare were presented here. Here is the headquarters of the Austin Ventures Fund with capital of $4 billion.

The states famous and strongest support environmental projects at the University of Texas. New York investment in new projects is just huge. The local authorities try to facilitate the life of talented entrepreneurs, including doing a more affordable offices for rent and encourage business grants.

Of course, there are not all business hubs. In any case, from Seattle to San Diego trend is the same — to support small businesses and innovative technology. Research Triangle Park. In the US, a well-established crowdfunding system.

The seriousness of the organizations collecting funds, carefully check. Request detailed business plans, monitor the progress of the project and so on. Major platforms. To get financial support through crowdfunding, you need to post a detailed description of your project and to specify a particular amount (together with calculated estimates), which is required for its implementation.

After moderation, the application will be able to see thousands of people — then it all depends on the success and soundness of a startup. It can attract a very wealthy investor, or a large amount of funds thanks to the small amounts collected from a large-scale audience. The use of all these resources for free. For example, Kickstarter takes 5% of the amount collected. But the result is worth it.

Almost half of the ideas still collects a certain amount of funds. It is important that cash out the funds collected on this portal can only be a resident of the United States. Resource CircleUp allows you to invest in small and medium business. If the designated amount will not be available, the portal will still give you what you managed to gather, the founder of a startup.

Kickstarter in this case, it returns money to those who invested. But the portals Sharespost or Secondmarket get a percentage of transactions. For the development and promotion of your project there are other ways — business accelerators and business incubators. For example, Plug and Play TechCenter, YCombinator, as well as FI.

Really large funds can attract through business angels. Look for them is on resources like AngelList. Times Square.

According to statistics, every year 1,500 new projects receive financial support from venture capital investors, more than 50 thousand — from the “angels”. The first funded one startup out of 400, and the second one of 40. So the project responded to serious investors, you need to be able to provide competent management of the product. Business plan, cost estimates, qualifications and experience of entrepreneurs — would be counted each item.

Equally important to clearly demonstrate their own understanding of the “window of opportunity”. Market, consumers, suppliers, demand and so on. Another way of financial aid programs of state support for innovative projects in the sphere of small business. Program SmallBusiness Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) provide grants for startups. Financing takes place through the SBA — the Agency for small business USA.

Details about conditions of participation in these programs can be read on these sites. Here it is worth mentioning the following points. Projects who qualify, the SBA gives grants on a Pro Bono basis. This method of financing there are two big pluses.

About 20% of the applicants of the projects receive assistance at the first stage, slightly less than half of them (40%) eventually pass to the second stage.

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