Why Your SaaS Product Should Be Compared With Competitors

Councils representative of marketing Agency Red Rocket Kirill Vorobyev. The choice of a suitable SAAS solution inevitably entails an evaluation of alternatives. You can leave a potential client with his thoughts alone, and can help make the necessary conclusions.

There are at least three arguments why it is useful to keep a competitor analysis in the public domain. You will always have leads that have made a choice in favor of competitors. In addition to the obvious criteria (price, function, technical capabilities, support and so on) one of the possible causes is an incorrect comparison of the products as a result of different pricing structures and functions of the. Buyer is difficult to bring the data to one species and to compare the value.

One solution is to make available data for competitive analysis in the public domain (website, blog, presentation, etc.) and thus to tip the scales in their favor in a direct comparison with competitors. Options of implementation:

Formstack, one of the solutions to create online forms, uses a separate page for comparison with such competitors as Typeform, Wufoo, and so on. They illustrate the benefits of your product in the context of the comparison functions and add a real user reviews. The same comparison from the Russian CRM Bitrix 24 against the Box.

HubSpot, a company that provides solutions for marketing and sales in b2b sector, adds to the comparison of the official market research and practical cases the transition from one product to another. Control system development tasks Jira in addition to the comparison reminds about the possibility of a smooth transition from the competitors. Another CRM system PipeDrive compares your product with several competitors.

Platform for marketing automation Mautic boldly compares his open source solution with commercial platforms. They all focus on their unique selling proposition and private benefits function and service. Of course, no one considers the disadvantages of the reverse side of this comparison.

Therefore, in addition, a potential customer will go on “independent” grounds of comparison products with the better work. Search queries that mention your brand and competitors — a chance to gather more quality organic traffic. Check the statistics of search queries in webmasters panel for the branded traffic.

For sure, there is the phrase: For queries with a sufficient amount of traffic you can create a separate page comparison. The rest of the group and to create for them a common page.

Have an obligation to the client more reliable. Below is represented the information was relevant, it would have to periodically review, update, and think out. So this will be a permanent process. We kill two birds with one stone.

Conduct an honest competitor monitoring for internal needs and immediately show how our product compared to competitors for the customer. It is important. Specify the date on which the information is relevant. Be sure to consult with a lawyer about the possibility of mentioning other brand names and trademarks on your website.

Send a private cases, in which you managed to improve (or, conversely, worsen) the performance of the project, [email protected] Interesting experiments are sure to get the heading “Cases”.

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