WindowsShare — service for buying and selling advertising on Windows of houses

Hi. My name is Viktor Khristenko, Im 26 years old. Over 5 years Ive been marketing in the leading Russian it companies. Today I would like to present your own project — WindowsShare.

WindowsShare is a service that allows you to earn by renting the window. Yes, ordinary window, which is in every apartment. How did the idea.

I have always been interested in the various tools of marketing, including offline. There was an understanding that for some companies the main communication channels are offline tools. Contact with their potential client takes place on the street. I began to study the market of outdoor advertising, which in his work almost never encountered.

But that didnt stop me to analyze classroom case studies on ADME and other resources. The moment came when I became a customer of outdoor advertising. Looking at the stats and suggestions, I realized that the existing outdoor advertising is not always effective, often very expensive and, in the end, just all become boring.

I began to ponder what can be the alternative to the outdoor advertising. Prompted the idea to advertise directly on the Windows of houses, especially on the Windows Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburgs already hung some ads. Then I started to monitor the Internet for the subject found abroad and found that similar services exist in Europe. So me and my partner decided to act.

For starters, we have studied the market and conducted in-depth interviews with potential clients. The companies and the owners of Windows. Our direct competitors are the operators of outdoor advertising. According to the expert Committee of the Association of communication agencies of Russia (ACAR), the volume of the market of outdoor advertising of Russia in 2014 amounted to 40.7 billion (net of VAT).

Today the market shows growth. This is primarily due to the crisis. Prices for traditional outdoor advertising is too high, so a great alternative is the placement of advertising on Windows. We plan to take 20% of the market of outdoor advertising.

We stand for creativity and quality, so our next step was to study materials for advertising on glasses. We found perforated graphic film that let the light from the street you only see beautiful ads. Such films are glued on the inner side of the window. We have studied the legislation and realized that no obstacles to the development of the service no.

Today we operate in a manual mode, but now we have customers. Soon we will publish personal account interface, thus simplifying the process of using the service. If to speak about long-term plans, the access to the international market.

WindowsShare project open and friendly, happy to make friends with you and get feedback. Return the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup.

Welcome to the tribune.


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