WIP FIT — the mobile platform for fitness clubs and their clients

Hi, my name is Nikita Zherebtsov, Im 21, Im a UI/UX expert in the mobile development Studio Work in progress. Engaged in startups for two years. Today I want to tell you about our box project — a mobile application for fitness clubs. We were approached by the customer for application development for your fitness club.

We were surprised. It seemed that these apps been removed from the stores very much. Started to analyze and found that the application acting as marketing tools for the club, not work as a tool for the client. So theres no reason to keep this app in your smartphone.

On the other hand, useful services for fitness too weight, but they do not benefit from the fitness clubs. We came to the conclusion that an urgent need to do something different — something that will need all. So there was WIP FIT. After consulting with industry representatives, we learned that while clients are mostly patriots of their club, not everyone is willing to stay on the phone with a useless app.

So we went with “helpful” side. In our case it. Club helpful push-notifications, reminders for renewal of subscriptions, surveys, in-app, advanced statistics. Id like to say that we are going to be happy to integrate with the control system of the club, which are not offered by any of our competitor.

The service is independently developed (in a team of six people). The platform is branded native mobile client applications for Android and iOS, the web dashboard for coaches. In addition, we are negotiating about the integration with several major developers of automation systems for fitness clubs.

Now undergoing private testing of a prototype system in the above fitness club. We determined the cost of 4900 rubles per month for one club or 49 thousand rubles at payment for year. First results show that the attitude towards the service as a whole positive. In its current form the application can be deployed in less than a month after signing the contract (taking into account aproval in markets is fast enough, and it will be even faster).

We offer our services directly to clubs, but also actively communicate about the cooperation with the companies-developers of automation systems. Returned the floor to the readers.

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