“With Winning In Mind” Is The Key Idea Of The Bestseller, However, Basema About The Psychology Of Achievements With Winning In Mind

Founder of the service the key ideas from business literature MakeRight.ru Konstantin Smagin told vc.ru about the ideas of the bestseller lanni of Bachema about the psychology of achievement “victory in mind” (“With Winning In Mind”), not yet published in Russian. However, Bash is a famous American athlete, Olympic champion in Montreal in the shooting, but his path to the gold medal was not strewn with roses. As a child, he dabbled in different sports, but everywhere it is characterized as a fairly mediocre player.

However, with the help of his father — a military officer, he found a sport where finally able to succeed. This sport was shooting. While the other kids partied and watched movies, he trained like a man possessed. Fifteen months after the start of training, he won his first national championship. In 1972, he went to his first Olympic games in Munich.

However, despite the fact that he really trained hard, and his main rival have experienced a powerful psychological pressures associated with the need to stay on top, however, was not able to cope with stress during his speech. In shooting, unlike most other sports, it is necessary to maintain the heartbeat at a low level of 60 beats per minute — is the heartbeat recorded in a calm state. However, once the competition started, however, realized that his heart rate accelerated markedly, he couldnt stop shaking and excitement, which affected the results. Lanni won the silver medal, but felt defeated, feeling that 12 years of rigorous physical training did not help him to win the gold medal, and at the crucial moment his mind did not obey his will.

After the Olympics, however, realized the importance of not only physical but also mental training, to which he has devoted a lot of time preparing for the next Olympics. He learned to cope with stress and laid the foundations of his method, which he later called “mental management system”. The results were not long in coming. At the world shooting championship in Switzerland in 1974, however, won three League titles, eight gold medals and together with colleagues in the team set four world records. In addition, he began to feel like a different person — a winner.

Soon, the main peak was conquered, he won the gold medal at the Olympic games in Montreal. Why mental training is important. The author has a few ideas. In the world Championships involved a very trained athletes, but, as the author notes, 95% of wins win only 5% of participants.

What distinguishes these five percent. Someone will say that the talent, the gift or good luck, but the author, himself a sportsman of the highest level, came to the conclusion that its not skills or talent. They are definitely important, but only skills will not make you a champion. The main thing that distinguishes Champions from the rest of the athletes, this is their way of thinking. They dont just hope to win, they believe in it.

Of course, this does not mean that the one who will think that he will win will win in fact. But exactly what if you dont believe you will win, youll win. The author recalls how he was during the Olympic games in Montreal talking to a famous athlete Darrellom pace, which at least outwardly, and didnt look like a champion, but in 19 years was the world record holder in archery. Words Darrell left no doubt that he will win gold medal — “Where are they keeping my gold medal?” he said.

Darrell was absolutely sure in his victory, which he indeed achieved. But the mindset of the champion is not to continually think about winning. Based on his experience and interviews with world and Olympic Champions, however, Bash came to the conclusion that those who ultimately wins, dont concentrate on how to win the competitors and the competition process is in its execution. Reflections on the victory and worry about the points, by contrast, distracts the mind from the main and reduces chances of winning. When consciousness is resting, the unconscious does its best work.

Yes, it is not easy to stop counting points and assess their chances of winning, but thats what it takes to make for a better performance. In addition, you need to understand that winning and being a winner are two different things. To be a winner is to take responsibility and to behave with dignity, said the author. He cites the case at the Olympic played in Athens, when the young shooter Matt Emmons for last unsuccessful shot lost the gold medal. But despite this, he was also the first who congratulated the winner.

Paradoxically, but if you want to win, dont put such a task. Put another — behave like a winner. The difference is that the first objective focused on external factors beyond your control. This setup causes you to worry and frantically count the points, and the second helps to focus on the process and best performance. Such a goal is useful not only in sports but in any field of human activity — in business, education, career, management.

Think about winning during training and concentrate on the performance during tests and events. Champions interviewed by the author, were unanimous that the best performance of at least 90% depends on the mental preparation. But is it time we pay her?. The ultimate goal of mental training, however, Baseme — balance three components of human personality:

Conscious mind that contains our thoughts and mental representations. Consciousness monitors and analyzes the feelings, sensations, thoughts, images. Consciousness plays a very important role. Consciously we set important goals, we determine consciously the direction of their life. The second element of the system — the subconscious mind — a source of skills and strength performance.

Any outstanding execution happens unconsciously. Learning something new, at first we make a conscious effort to training until actions become automatic. A conscious effort transformirovalsya into the unconscious performance after repeated. Whatever skill you want to develop to become a master, you need to bring it to perfection, and for that you just need it to repeat many times. Successful execution associated with a flow state — and it is possible when you are doing something, without thinking, whether you do it or not.

That is why one of the most common problems when the mind interferes with the subconscious execution then the execution is much worse. The third component — self-image is the most important element of the three, because the success and self-esteem is directly linked. Self-image is a representation of the person about himself, it includes all your habits and all your thoughts and opinions about you. Any of your actions and thoughts affect self-esteem, create a psychological imprint. Self-perception covers all of these prints, choosing the information that it regards as the truth about you.

To achieve success you need to make everything work in a balanced way. The mind analyzes the environment, offers solutions, sets objectives and priorities. The subconscious mind triggers the action in response to the triggers. Self-image controls how and what skills you will use in a particular situation. Your performance will be better and will be easy when all three elements will be in harmony.

An imbalance of the elements prevents the execution, it can manifest itself in different ways- it all depends on what you have in excess, and that, on the contrary, not enough. If a person has enough skills to win, but identity issues, he doesnt believe in his own victory and lose. He will need to work on self-image, but the problem is that people are usually looking for a solution not there, continuing to improve skills. The opposite situation — high self-esteem and lack of skills.

We are talking not only about the usual multi-tasking, but also about our plants. If you imagine something negative, I cant concentrate on the positive and Vice versa. The author recalls the words of the coach in baseball, who said, “Bash, just do not miss”. It seems quite normal Board. But lets see what the mental message sent coach.

When you hear “do not miss”, your mind is a mistake. When parents tell the child. “dont fall”, the child is falling. In the fall and the penalty will be concentrated all the thoughts. Same thing with the fact that you can imagine and say to yourself.

The person who strives for achievement and success, you must take responsibility for what he represents, and consciously choose what to think and what to concentrate. Therefore, instead of the negative expressions like “do not miss” it would be much smarter to use a positive, for example, “score a goal”. Give yourself a team only in positive terms. What you mentally imagine, is critical to your performance.

Your performance depends on your self-image. To improve performance, you must first change your self-image. Self-perception makes us who we feel. Unfortunately, many people believe that they can not change their self-perception. But it is not, we are constantly changing.

And if a person does not take in hand the control of your life, he gives that control in the wrong. Self-perception is also something that limits us. Each person has their own comfort zone, upper and lower limits which are determined by his self-esteem. The natural aspiration when you change to back to the usual limits of comfort. Thus we can slow down its development, because new actions may not match your esteem.

If you change your comfort zone, and change your performance. But to change it, you need to change self-perception. Many people do not like tips on how to improve life, simply because they know very well what to do. But despite the fact that most people know what to do, nothing will change until they themselves change. Self-perception is difficult to change, it resists change.

So, it whispers to you in the morning — “sleep five more minutes”. Self-perception is part of your personality that determines your actions, deeds and thoughts. But self-perception is not something given forever, it is changing, and you can determine the direction of these changes. In my experience, the author knows that setting goals is a common practice among the winners.

Many have heard about the need to set concrete and realistic goals. The author agrees that the objectives should be specific, but proposes to put really ambitious and unrealistic goals. There is nothing realistic to become an Olympic champion is the best athlete in the world, and for such cases a method of setting realistic targets is not suitable. The goal should be specific, but really ambitious. But it is also important that this goal was in the area of your control.

Otherwise, you will begin to focus not on whats important — yourself and your performance, and competitors. The success is determined by how well you can control what is within your control, and not be distracted by thoughts of results. The goal should be not just to score so many points or make so much money, but to become someone. This approach includes not only external performance, but also inner transformation. When you want to achieve something, put not only the external purpose, but internal is what you want to be in the process of achieving this goal.

If you want to achieve something, think about what you must become in order to achieve this, and what you need to do. This will help you focus not just on achieving results, but also to determine what you need to change in yourself to achieve what you are aiming for. Setting goals is a useful practice, but at the same time it is dangerous because you will begin to define its value depending on, achieve you goals or not. With this approach, if you dont reach the goal, you will be considered a loser. But you need to understand that the value of you as a person is not determined by achievement of results, it depends on your qualities, character, actions.

It is also important to understand that after the goal comes some perplexity, because you have achieved what we sought, so you will need to supply the following purpose. How to set goals?. First you need to determine for themselves the goal to which youre willing to devote his life. Thats why you need big goals, because you dont want to end my life in regret. The goal should be yours, not imposed from the outside.

Only goals that are aligned with our personal values, motivate to action. Identify a specific time to achieve the goal, it will help you to create an action plan time-bound. Consider any possible obstacles in your way, how much time and effort it will take to overcome them. Dont give up in achieving goals. So, the author shares the lesson he ever learned at the beginning of his sports career.

He has participated in important competitions and was sure that must complete a minimum of 380 points out of 400. When he realized that he was not gaining required number of points, it is internally surrendered, ending with a score of 377. But as it turned out, that year the title was awarded if the athlete has scored 378 points. Dont give up until the test will not end.

And after achieving the goal set new. Therefore, it is important to be careful with what you think and what you imagine. Every time you worry, you increase the likelihood that it will happen what you worry. Same thing with the words — control what you say.

When an athlete says “I was terrible, I missed a few balls” or discussing their mistakes, it increases the probability of repeat failures. But the risk of failure increases, and for someone who just listens to the stories of failures and problems. To function properly, you need to focus not on the experiences of failure and success experience. That is why you need to focus on their achievements, because only positive experience promotes future success. Avoid complaints and excuses.

Complaint is negative reinforcement, and to succeed you dont need to reinforce negative images. Instead, remember that today you did well, even this was a little. Fill the mind only with thoughts of his best performance. Use the technique of positive predictions is the compliment that determines future actions. Your performance depends on what you expect.

For example, the author tells how through positive predictions made Bank employees to provide him with exceptional service. In the relationship, however, was guided by the words of his father, who said that in order to obtain from the other what you want, first you need to imagine what other people want, and give it to them. From the first day, as the author opened a Bank account, he praised staff for the excellent management of his account, he thanked the tellers for the smiles, and those, in turn, replied that always waiting for his arrival, as he always has a kind word for them. In a positive prediction is manifested in your attitude to another — “I expect excellent service because you are a great person”. When you praise for good performance, increase the probability of its recurrence.

Of course, mental rehearsal is not wholly replace training, but it is very effective when you have no way to train really. As the author notes, he won the Olympics thousands of times in my head before the trip to Montreal. But not only the athletes useful mental exercise. It can be used by any person for special events — presentations, interviews, responsible activities.

How to train mentally?. The more vivid and real will be your idea of the upcoming event, the better. However, do not have to provide colors, or sounds, or to devote mental training several hours — even a few seconds is better than nothing. Conduct mental training, during work or while relaxing, sitting or lying down.

Why mental training is effective. When you vividly imagine your action, you create need in the brain neural connections. These ties are equivalent to those generated after performing the same actions in reality, and, accordingly, they prepare you to pass the test. Same thing with negative images. When you imagine or think about something negative, you increase the likelihood of failure and, in fact, trained his failure.

When you are worried about what will happen to you bad things, youre actually rehearsing them and create neural pathways that lead to failure. The peculiarity of our self-perception that it does not distinguish what we imagine from what actually happens. It is considered that stress and pressure is something bad and that they should be avoided. But in my experience, the author became convinced that any big test involves pressure, and its not going anywhere.

It does not matter what you are experiencing pressure or not, but how you use it — to use or allow it to destroy you. The pressure needed for larger trials, it would decrease the pleasure of their passing. According to the author, pressure is a mixture of anxiety and attention. Anxiety or fear, too, should not be seen exclusively as negative, hindering factors. And although fear can be paralyzing and irrational, he keeps us from many rash acts.

Paralyzing fear is overcome with experience, into a voltage, which helps to mobilize and increase the chances of winning. Attention — the other side of the pressure. Attention defines your level of excitement. For the attention bad as too relaxed or too tense as. It is also important to consider that different people have different natural levels of attention.

Some are calm by nature, some, on the contrary, very active. To your attention with the needs of the situation, follow the steps: Additional advice — to relieve nervousness and excessive excitement, you can just yawn — this will help you to relax quickly.

If you look at any professional competition athletes, that you feel that their performance looks very light, they easily perform the most difficult rooms. Many call it a gift or a talent, but the author does not agree with this point of view. The skill are always passion and constant training, I am sure the author. To create unconscious habit, consider the following:

Self-perception is the sum of our habits, attitudes, behavior. The way of thinking determines, positively or negatively do you evaluate an event or concept. Habits determine how you act. You do what you do because its consistent with your self-esteem and self-image. Self-assessment implies certain limitations that you impose on themselves because they think themselves so, and not otherwise.

This self-perception based on your past actions and how you interpret them for themselves. If you start to do something that has never been done before, you begin to feel uncomfortable, because new actions are not consistent with the old self-image, and it pulls you back. Our performance equals our self-perception. The execution will change only after the corresponding changes in self-perception. Although the self-image resists change, it does not mean that change is impossible.

When something does not work, is typical of many behavior — either to give up or continue to train and improve your skills. But the improvement of skills only affects the subconscious mind, but nothing changes in self-perception. How to change self-perception. Its worth asking how it originally happened. Due to the imprinting process, the imprinting in the minds of certain actions and reactions.

And also through the imprinting self-perception can be changed. Every time you do something poorly, you create a negative impression. Every time you hit the target or reach the desired, you capture good luck. But sometimes it is not even necessary in real actions — you can imagine as you get to the target or to achieve a desired, and that will be enough to create the imprint — mental imprint. Every time you recall the experience, successful or unsuccessful, your self-image sees this as a new event.

Visualization is not as effective in changing self-esteem, as a mental exercise, at least in the sense in which most people understand the visualization. So, many believe that it is necessary as you can clearly see the desired action or behavior. But as the author explains, is not so important what you see as what you feel. Therefore, we should not think that you would want to receive, and to feel it. The best time to create the imprint is just before and immediately after the operation, for example, hitting the ball.

You need to mentally rehearse good shot, both before and after the impact. Print only what you want to happen. Thus you will improve your chances of success in reality. But at the same time, control your thoughts of failure. Before the serious challenges many people are worried that will manifest itself badly.

And this is a big mistake — they increase the likelihood that what theyre worried will happen in reality. It is important to keep in your mind only what you want to happen. When youre feeling anxious and replaying negative scenarios, just replace them positive, imagine and mentally rehearse how you act correctly. To change the self-image: Remove the old fingerprints and create new ones.

So, the athlete who wants to do more good shots after each successful throw, say to yourself — “that sounds like me”, and every time makes a mistake forget about it. Strengthen successes, not failures. The book, however, Basema one of the first bestsellers in the genre of sports psychology.

Although most examples in the book related to sports, her ideas can be used in any field of human activity. Says lanny Bash, victory and achieving the goal is not only the result of the efforts, training and desire to win. No less important is your state of mind, your self-perception, balance, consciousness, subconscious and self-esteem. Mental training is as important as physical training. Victory is determined not only physical form, but also the right attitude, over creation of which need systematically to work.

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