Without Advertising And Agencies: Due To What Tesla Promotes Its Electric Cars

The Explorer edition of Market Retails stresses that the sales strategy of Tesla is substantially different from the approach other manufacturers — Ford, Fiat Chrysler and General Motors. The company has no dealer network. Tesla attracts consumers through three channels.

The head of Tesla Motors Elon Musk explained. “There is a fundamental conflict of interest between the sales of high-tech electric cars and cars running on petrol, which determine sales of existing dealers”. Therefore, the company sells its vehicles in online store and 17 own points of sale around the world. The main problem with this model of sales, says the browser Market Retails, is the high cost of maintaining a private network.

Moreover, even when investing in its development, Tesla is difficult to compete with existing dealer networks, according to the author. He highlights the positive aspect of this approach is the control over the implementation of the marketing strategy. According to Tesla, the salary of sales does not depend on the volume of sales. Therefore, they have no single purpose to sell the car, as the employees normal network.

According to Mask, the company intentionally acts to emphasise the difference between the carts and other machines. American entrepreneur Paul Dorsey (Paul J. Darcy) has identified other differences from the traditional model of car sales. The complexity of promoting Tesla.

Point of sales Tesla located in urban centers. Usually dealers have shops on the outskirts, so you can test the cars. Monitoring Dorsey, the company focused on online communication with clients.

He claims that Tesla originally made the forum company key channel of communication with customers. The company encourages car owners of the brand to communicate on the clubs website Tesla. In social networks, Tesla publishes videos, product demos, branding videos about the importance of cleanliness in the future and record test drives cars. In 2016, the company showed the autopilot system in their cars, who drives in an urban environment.

In the video the car yourself passing a few streets, stopping before the turn and parked after the exit of the driver from the cabin. Video and news on the development of a shared on his Twitter page, CEO Elon Musk. Monitoring edition Codesign, Tesla has positioned itself as a company of the future.

This is evidenced not only what the company produces electric cars (at a time the company be a competitor), but other food companies Elon musk. Tesla cars are organically embedded in the infrastructure of the formed solar roof Solar Roof and energy storage PowerWall, the newspaper notes. When you run a Tesla conducting of PR-activities, which show the technological side of the company. She received industrial awards in the automotive industry.

In the 2012 edition of Yahoo Auto recognized Tesla Model S car of the year. Dorsey noticed that the service centers Tesla white flooring. In his opinion, this underlines the positioning of the cars, which is opposed to the fuel cars. They, unlike electric vehicles, can leave a dirty trail of fluid on the floor.

Also, according to Dorsey, Tesla has managed to turn the disadvantage of the traditional advantage of the market of luxury cars is complex technology behind their production. The monitoring of the entrepreneur, Tesla, by contrast, focuses on the simplicity of its platform. Dorsey compared the positioning of Apple and Tesla.

“Its Apple computers in the automotive industry. Both companies offered a product that was substantially different from what was offered on the market before. Both companies focus on innovation. Both companies build their own ecosystem. Both companies departed from its traditional sales model, developing its own distribution network.

Telsa even hired a head of commercial Apple for the development of its stores”. In August 2016, Tesla has opened a flagship store in San Francisco on van ness Avenue. The premises had been used for showroom Chevrolet. Near the point of sales of the Tesla is British Motor Cars — the independent car dealer luxury brands Land Rover, Jaguar, Bentley and Lamborghini.

Of the three types of media channels (paid, owned, earned) Tesla most often uses the last — acquired resources, explains marketing Agency ReferralCandy. She notes in her blog that the company often makes something newsworthy. In particular, the Agency noticed that Elon Musk is frequently interviewed.

At ReferralCandy drew attention to the fact that attention to Tesla attracts personal brand Mask. Its components. Edition of the Street writes that Elon Musk rarely comments on competitors products. In 2013, in comments to a journalist from Bloomberg asked on the phone the head of Tesla, what he thinks about the electric car BMW i3.

Musk said that he was glad to exit the electric vehicle BMW i3, as it develops the market. He laughed in the middle of his sentence, but explained that BMW need to significantly improve your car in order to achieve success of Tesla. After the release of the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt in 2013, the Musk in an interview with The Guardian praised the producers, but not cars. “The fact that Nissan released the Leaf — sincerely. I think we should applaud Nissan for their efforts, as well as General Motors for the Volt.

But that doesnt mean they released good products. But what they released is not a perfect machine does not mean that we should not applaud. Need a few iterations to produce higher quality electric. This is a step in the right direction, and they must not stop”.

In 2015, Musk criticized the idea to create an Apple electric car. In 2014, there were rumors about the launch of the project “Titan”, in which plans to produce electric cars. In an interview with Handelsblatt Musk said that the technology company is hiring laid-off engineers Tesla. As in other reviews about competitors, he praised Apple for the development of the industry. “Its good that Apple is developing this area and invests in him.

But the cars are much more complicated smartphones and “smart” hours”. Automakers have criticized the shortcomings of the Tesla in their campaigns. So Nissan to advertise their electric car Leaf used information on pre-orders of the Tesla Model 3. The company has proposed not to wait and buy a car sooner.

“One should not commit pre-order in order to get the electric car today,” reads the slogan. Nissan appeared in the publications of the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. BMW is in the hybrid sedan 330e showed long wait of cars “other manufacturers”. The hero of the movie sitting on the porch waiting for the release of a new model.

BMW has hinted that presented in March 2016 Tesla Model 3 will go on sale in late 2017, and 330e dont have to wait. On the technological exhibition CES 2016 manufacturer of electric cars Future Faraday introduced the concept car FFZERO1. After the presentation, some media reported that the car — a direct competitor to Tesla, and can even become a “killer” of the company. After a year at the CES 2017 Future Faraday showed the first production model — FF91.

It has autopilot system, and face recognition. FF91 accelerates to 100 km/h faster than the cars Tesla — 2,39 seconds compared to 2.5 in the Tesla Model S. At the moment, Musk has not commented on the Faraday Future products.

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