Without Album Cycle And Only In Social Networks: Digital Promotion Of Musical Brands

Record company Domino Records launches ad campaign for its artists on social networks. According to representatives of Studio, nature is the permanent inclusion of such advancement has changed the way the release of new songs. Ten years ago worked for a long time tested mechanism. Release songs on radio and television, supported by print advertising. Now artists arrange an exclusive stream, talk about their songs in Instagram and share links to the album on Twitter.

According to Dejuana Wilson (DeJuan Wilson), Vice President of marketing music platform SoundCloud in 2016 the majority of artists together with the audience focused on the streaming services. “We see more promising performers that appear literally out of nowhere,” he explained. Marketing Manager at Domino Records, Brooke Salisbury (Brooke Salisbury) said that the most popular on the streaming service Spotify be grouped into playlists songs. She noticed that the value of the broadcasts has increased in 2016. This is confirmed by the indicators of the albums of the artists Hot Chip, The Last Shadow Puppets and The Kills.

Spotify is used by over 40 million users worldwide. For this pichine streaming music becomes too big a niche to ignore it, explained Agency founder of the classical music marketing Nouvague James Fleury (James Fleury). In his opinion, this is a promising direction of development for traditional artists. “Traditional artists have struggled for CD sales for many years — said Fleury, Even the major record labels are losing their influence on foreign territories. For people who cant afford to buy the record for 20 or 30 pounds, streaming has become a worthy alternative.

But most importantly, this way of distribution gives us tracks audience data. We know where they are, how often they listen, as well as their socio-demographic characteristics”. In 2016 paid the actors continued to make deals with streaming platforms. New albums by Radiohead, Frank Ocean, and Beyoncé came out on Apple Music and Tidal.

Despite this, most record companies are questioning exclusive deals with such companies. In August it was reported that the record company Universal Records has suspended the agreement with the streaming service, because it limited the number of users who can listen to one song. “Exclusive albums is the approach used by some of our competitors. But we believe that this strategy is not suited for engaging users,” — said Sulina Ong (Ong Sulinna), Vice President of marketing Department streaming service Deezer. “In the end there are buyers who lose in this approach.

We believe that there is a better way to give users what they want and at the same time to support the performers,” she added. Ong claims that its service can become a promising platform for marketing campaigns, as it listens to music the majority of consumers. In Deezer have implemented this approach for female staff, Little Mix and the metal band Metallica. In November 2015, the service launched a campaign to support the album Hardwired to Self-Destruct Metallica.

The promotion included push notifications, email newsletter, posting to Facebook and YouTube. In addition, Deezer has launched outdoor advertising in France using data about users. Banners and advertisements were targetirovanie those who listened to music on the model of freemium (the free listening and the fee for exclusive functions). Fans are also invited to attend the recording of the song by Metallica, which later became available on Deezer.

Competitor Deezer to SoundCloud with the release of the album, Metallica presented the service Go to SoundCloud to listen to music by subscription without ads. Often musicians share their albums on SoundCloud before on other platforms. According to Wilson, its good for the artist and for service, because it creates a “co-branded experience.”. In the summer of 2016 SoundCloud have entered into a partnership with beer maker Heineken to present a song from the Dutch by Sam Feldt Shadows of Love music festival in Miami.

The song was available on SoundCloud within two weeks. During this time, the song has collected 77 384 likes, 17 374 posts, she has shared 1 051 times. From pop singers Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Taylor swift more followers on Twitter than the ex-US President Barack Obama. On the one hand, this allows to address the audience at any moment, and with another — allows the performer to “vanish” between releases of albums. “Ten years ago, the album was a cycle of life — a few years, he famous, but for several years about the artist forget.

Including its supported radio and touring. In 2016, we saw that the cycle has become more blurred,” says Salisbury. Now, if the artist has five million followers on Facebook, this channel is more preferable for the premiere of the track, argues Salisbury. She also hopes that the perpetrators will be able to run private TV channels and radio stations. In October the record company Nouvague introduced the song Boys of Paradise in the social networks of the magazine Attitude Magazine.

“The hashtag campaign (#BoysofParadise — Prim. Ed.) six days has attracted more than 300 thousand people”, — said Fleury. “The most valuable information for us is the distribution of audience by gender and age. The campaign showed that among people aged 18 to 65 years old 52% are women”. Streaming services integrated with social networks.

Artist can upload a song on SoundCloud, share it on Twitter, as fans of the artist. Social networks also encourage partnerships. According to Atlantic Records UK singer Charli XCX has increased the knowledge of himself by 20% through collaboration with the brand perfumed deodorant Impulse. In addition, after the release of the co-branded collection with the retailer Boohoo.com three weeks sales of the singers albums increased by 462%, and the number of subscribers in Instagram Charli XCX has doubled.

The partnership should reflect the essence of the brand, but also the image of the artist should not be violated, says marketing Director of Atlantic Records UK Niws Hannah (Hannah Neaves). “Dive into the stream with the growing importance of social networks has completely changed the landscape in which we operate. We encourage artists maximize their social media and try not to use the services of third party agencies. Then the brand of the artist is integral,” she says. Such a principle the company uses to promote the artists, Bruno Mars and Rita Ora.

Singer Jess Glynn to promote their debut album I Cry When I Laugh in 2015 has asked his followers on Facebook to help create a video for one of the songs. After the clip by using the custom video was released in Facebook, it covered 14 million users, has received four million hits and brought 20 thousand users to preview album. Niws, objasnio that this effect could not be achieved through promotion in traditional media.

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