Wochi — system to track child

Wochi is a system through which parents can monitor where the child is and what he does. The system consists of a wristwatch for the child and a mobile application for parents. The main function of the device — positioning of the child. The system is able to determine its three methods. According to the GPS satellites, data from base stations of cellular operators and according to the information about Wi-Fi networks.

In addition, with Wochi parent may, for example, to specify the route a child, to map safe and dangerous areas, to view the move history and save the most popular ones. Any member of the family can make a monitoring call. The caller will hear what is happening around the child, but the device itself is not sending any signals. On sale the device from the Russian developers will be in 2016.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/what-startup-consultants-can-and-can-t-do-for-your-startup/

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