WooTrip Service Organizations “secret” Weekend Trips

Today in the category of “Startups” service organizations “secret” weekend trips WooTrip who organizes a trip for 17 thousand rubles, with “adventure” in one of the cities in the world. Pass the microphone. My name is Maria Dondokov, Im 27 years old and I am a co-founder of the service WooTrip. WooTrip is planning weekend trips.

The customer buys the journey-an adventure in one of the 12 cities of the world, but about the destination recognizes only 24 hours before departure, and the instruction to “adventure” is waiting for him on the spot. The price includes air ticket, hotel and adventure. The trip lasts three days and two nights and costs 17 700 rubles. We participated in the absentee accelerator IIDF with another project which is now at revision.

During the preparation and passage of the accelerator we received a large amount of information and insights about how, where and why people travel, and in the background of all these studies was born WooTrip. During market research, we found a Spanish startup that is implemented exactly as our team imagined your project. Then we finished the WooTrip, based on a Spanish concept and adapted it to the Russian market.

During the day we collected the landing, and sent friends with a message. “Look, a new travel project appeared”. Sent without the negative or positive color all in a row. Those who travel a lot and a little, people with children and single, with a high level of wages and in crisis. All received the same feedback.

“I want”. Two or three days we spent on editing and creating pages in social networks, created a character Vickery, which accompanies come to the site and explains how it works. Then we told friends that this is our project, and for those who are interested, sent an offer with a proposal to make an advance payment from two to five thousand rubles and receive a discount on travel in 2017. A few days tested the is in Facebook and Instagram.

We launched WooTrip in the 20s of December right before the New year and, frankly, did not expect sales. Nevertheless, we managed to sell five certificates and nine do presales. From idea to first sale its only been 9-10 days. This inspired us and we decided to do the project.

We have identified the key points for myself, why the service was in demand. Not have to choose between a very expensive batch of day tours from travel agencies or spend time on the independent search and book their full travel.

To create unique and interesting for the customer and for us a product with which to experiment, we added a “cherry” — a combined tour of the day with exploring the city in the format of adventure. The traveler receives a voucher for the trip, but learns about the destination city only 24 hours before departure, but at the hotel it is waiting for a detailed user manual describing the adventure. Our product consists of three components.

In order to make the cost fixed and affordable for most travellers, we took into account. We offer 12 cities in different countries, six of which do not require a visa. Our database Baku, Milan, Istanbul, Sochi, Barcelona, Yerevan, Tbilisi, Budapest, Riga, Tivat, Munich and Helsinki.

There was more, but for the sake of fairness we exclude some cities which are very different in the cost of accommodation and flights. We build adventure, based on the questionnaire, which fills the traveler, and his profile in social networks. We understand how adventurous the client is and what he can offer. Each adventure is individually designed.

We cooperate with several international projects organized excursions, as well as two projects that offer interesting entertainment in the city. We have partnered with major companies that sell a present experience, the next step we plan to connect different affiliate programs. In the near future we plan to launch a PR campaign with promotions and lotteries, which is now being.

We will increase the number of cities and bring the product to the markets of other cities of Russia and CIS. We are also in talks with the Spanish startup on the organization of joint projects and the creation of an international community of travelers, adventurers. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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