Work 12 Hours A Day And Minute-by-minute Plans

How people work in companies Elon musk, what kind of staff he is looking for and what he requires from them. Elon Musk is an investor and founder of the project SpaceX, PayPal, Zip2 and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tesla Inc. Collected information about how to live his staff.

Ashley Vance in the book “Elon Musk. Tesla, SpaceX and the road to the future” writes that Musk personally interviewed almost every one of the first thousand employees of SpaceX, including cleaners and lab technicians. Now the company has grown, and he is interviewing a only engineers. Those who have passed the interview, write an essay on why I want to work at SpaceX, and before meeting with Musk get the memo:

First, Elon is likely to be terse, continuing to answer emails or work. Dont panic. Is this normal. Then he turns to you. Not the fact that he will look you in the eye or even notice you.

Dont panic. Is this normal. When need be, he will speak to you. The interview can last from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

During the Musk asks questions, asks to solve engineering problems and puzzles. Vance writes that the Mask have a favorite riddle. “You are standing on the Earths surface. You walked one mile South, one mile West and one mile North. You were in the same place, where went.

Where are you?”. Mask care less, did the interviewee find the answer, than what the engineer describes the problem and the approach to its solution. According to the Mask, during the interview he asks “tell about the biggest challenges the candidate has faced.

How he had overcome them and what solutions are adopted”. Musk says. Usually this is enough to feel fit or not. And, of course, if man has achieved something significant, you need to make sure that he actually did it himself.

The one who struggled with a problem, forget the details is very difficult. You can ask about the details — and hell tell you, while those who only pretend to know the details will not. Despite the fact that SpaceX is looking for employees in the best universities, in the interview Musk does not put a priority on the education of the candidate.

No need to have a diploma from College or even high school. Of course, if someone graduated from a good University, he could receive an education that will allow him to do great things, but not necessarily. What I really look — at abilities and how they manifested in the past. Employees of Tesla and SpaceX needs to cope with the high level requirements of the Mask.

In the book, Vance writes that Musk requires plans, where all is painted on minutes. Because of this, companies create “dual” management. One plan shows the Mask, and the second work: Top managers SpaceX are working together to essentially create a “fake” charts, which, in their opinion, will satisfy the Mask, but that is almost impossible to follow.

In the book of Vance Kevin Brogan, engineer for SpaceX, said on unrealistic deadlines: Elon is always full of optimism, its nice. But when you need something to do, he is a rare liar. Musk will be the most aggressive schedule with no margin for error, and then need to accelerate, considering that everyone can work more hard.

Brogan tells how the Mask makes employees take responsibility for deadlines: While the General Manager sets deadlines for the employees, Musk is committed to its engineers took responsibility for concerning their plans. Hes not talking. “You have a job to do till two oclock Friday”.

He says. “I need to by two oclock Friday, the impossible was made. Can you?” Then, if you say “Yes”, then climb out of by and for yourself. Its a difference you can feel. You signed up to perform their own work.

Musk is working 80-90 hours a week. He gives his case completely and expects the same from employees. On the website where people leave reviews about the places work, the current SpaceX employee writes:

A typical day at SpaceX – 12 hours. You will have to work overtime, 60 and 70 hours in the week. Musk is working on Saturdays and Sundays and requires the same from employees and partners. Vance quotes a member of the Board of Directors of Tesla Steve Jurvetson:

Musk deliberately chose a place for his desktop for all to see. He comes here almost every Saturday and Sunday and wants the staff saw him and knew that he always can find him. He was also able to call vendors on the weekends so they know that he spends all of his time at the factory, doing the project, and expects the same from them. Musk wants his employees to understand what great thing they are doing, and was immersed in it completely.

When the Tesla employee missed the meeting due to the birth of a child, Musk reportedly sent him an email about this: “Thats no excuse. I am very disappointed. You need to reevaluate priorities.

We are changing the world and history, and youre either with us or not.”. The employees name in the book is not disclosed, and the Musk denies that he wrote something like that. After the book appeared his Twitter account that this story is fiction, and that it moved.

Musk admits that to do something impossible, only if it is contrary to the laws of physics. Ashley Vance writes from the words of Ali Avidan, one of the main technical experts of Tesla: In Tesla acted the same technical rules as in SpaceX. You either do what was asked of Mask, or leave your head in thermodynamics to explain why it cannot be done. “He always said.

“Look at it from the point of view of physics”,” said Avidan. Javidan speaks to the fact that the Mask isnt enough to tell about the problem, you need to provide a detailed report on what you do next: One of the worst was the meeting when we needed to ask for a Mask to give us the extra two weeks and more money to build a new version of the Model S. We made a plan of how much time and money we need.

We said if he wants to get a car after 30 days, it will require new employees, and showed him the stack of resumes. He needs to offer a plan. When we did, he said. “Okay, thanks”. All exhaled with relief and thought.

“Damn, he got fired”. “Dont say Elona, something can be done, you just immediately fly out of the company.”. Jeremy hollman, an employee of SpaceX, tells how in his project something went wrong and the Mask gave him a “questioning”: Elon asked me how much time it will take to troubleshoot, and I had no answer.

He said. “It is necessary to know. This is important for the company. This keeps absolutely everything. Why have you no answer?” He continued to attack me specific, direct questions.

I thought it was more likely to report the incident, but realized that much more important to first gather all the information. Thats what happened with Steve Davis, Director of innovation projects at SpaceX.

SpaceX was looking for a special device for the control system upper stage of the rocket Falcon 1. Davis began looking for suppliers that could be made to order. Suppliers asked for 120 thousand dollars. “Elon laughed, recalls Davis. He said.

€?Yes, this thing is no more complicated than automatic garage doors. Your budget is five thousand dollars. Go and do””. Davis worked on this problem for nine months.

After graduating, he spent three hours writing a detailed report Mask. As they developed a device, why choose one or the other development path and what will be the cost of production. Davis did that, what would one other engineer. The report, Musk said.

OK. “I put the letter from each gram of their intellectual baggage, and in a minute came the simple answer, says Davis. €? A similar story to tell anyone in the company.

What I like about Elon is his ability to quickly make crucial decisions”. To the question about how he inspires people, Musk said: Im trying to make this place work cool to be able to enjoy what you do. I tell the vision to SpaceX.

What we want to achieve, where we go, what we do. We want to deliver people into orbit and beyond. In the end, we want to be a company that made a contribution to life beyond Earth. On the website employees of SpaceX wrote:

SpaceX is not a job, its a lifestyle. This is something you can be proud of, but its a lot of stress. Staff also notes the “amazing food” and “incredible, inspiring people around”. The main accusations in the direction of a huge load and bad management.

According to the website Glassdoor SpaceX engineers are paid from $77,350 per year to $123,055. Tesla — $92,397 to $99,416. Kevin Watson joined SpaceX in 2008 after 24 years at NASA.

Thats how he speaks about the Mask: Elon just brilliant. He is involved in practically everything and understands practically everything. If he asks a question, quickly learn not to respond immediately. The mask need answers that boil down to the fundamental laws of physics.

What he really understands, so it is in rocket physics. He understands her like no other. I admire the depth of the tasks which he can solve in mind.

Jeffrey Strobel, co-founder and CTO of Tesla, says: In Elona is extremely difficult to work with — mostly due to its emotionality. Main always Elon. He made the blood, sweat and tears, and risked more than anyone else. I have great respect for what he did.

Without Elona, nothing would have happened. I believe he has earned the right to play first fiddle. A former employee of SpaceX, whose name was not disclosed in the book of Vance, said: I think the most serious flaw of Elona — complete lack of attachment to people and human relationships.

Many worked tirelessly on it for years, and then they were kicked to the curb like trash, without thinking even for a second. People for him were like ammunition — they are entirely used for a specific purpose and then thrown away. Dolly Singh five years at SpaceX as the head of the Department for recruitment. To describe what is Musks work, she cites the example of the unsuccessful launch of the Falcon 1.

This day was to be decisive for the company, but failed and the rocket crashed. On the website Quora Singh writes about the reaction of the Mask: Elon turned to the company. Said that no one promised it would be easy. He listed all the countries that tried and failed to pass the most difficult first phase of the flight, which failed Falcon 1.

Then he announced that he foresaw these unfortunate developments, so was able to negotiate new investment in the company, which should allow the team to prepare SpaceX for another two runs. Musk was asked not to lose focus on work, which is still very much. He said he will never give up, and if the command will not be disappointed in it — the goal will be achieved. I think most of us would follow him into hell, taking the tanning oil. It was the most impressive example of leadership that I have seen.

In just a few seconds the status changed from despair to determination to move on. Writes Ashley Vance, under the leadership of Elon musk, the people “doing the impossible” and “making history”. Musk is so fanatically demanding of others, to their rhythm of life to their degree of immersion in the work as demanding of himself. Ashley Vance writes:

Person from such a position may seem reckless and foolish, but it is the philosophy of the Mask, and she constantly pushes him and the people around him to reach his limit. Dolly Singh writes on Quora: Work with the Mask is not very comfortable experience, he is never satisfied with their own results, respectively, never satisfied with the results of others. He forces himself to work harder and requires the same from others.

The problem is that hes a robot, at the time, as it is surrounded by real people. So any who happen to work with Elon must be prepared to constant discomfort. But this is the exit from the zone of comfort, which helps to increase the way you cannot do anywhere else. This possibility is necessary to shed blood and sweat.

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