Work And Leisure Elon Musk

Quartz edition on how the working week and weekend, Tesla CEO and SpaceX. Businessman running two times more than the average American.

According to the Bureau of labor statistics of the United States, on average, people in the age 25-45 years in the United States work 6.3 hours per day or 8.8 hours excluding weekends. In turn, Musk spends approximately 12 hours each day, seven days a week. The free time of the founder of Tesla and SpaceX is 5.9 hours at a time, like the average American and 9.9 hours.

The businessman has cut his work week from 100 hours to launch of companies to 80-90 hours. To maintain such a pace, Musk consume drinks with high caffeine content. Initially, the head of Tesla drank a daily eight cans of diet Coca-Cola and several large cups of coffee.

“I was so overexcited that seriously started to feel that I was losing peripheral vision”, — said in 2007, the Musk in an interview with Inc. Now in the office of a businessman is diet Coca-Cola without caffeine.

Working almost without sleep, Musk found that the reduction of hours devoted to leisure, negatively affect the number of day cases. He found that his normal sleep ranges from 6 to 6.5 hours a day. Musk wakes up at 7 in the morning and falls after midnight.

Businessman trying to follow the recommendations of the National sleep Foundation, adhering to the most suitable range for the rest. Musk admits that his mood worsens in the case of lack of sleep or irregular distribution of hours of sleep. At least 90% of their time the founder of Tesla and SpaceX spends on these two companies.

The remaining 10% he is paying to companies, which presents as an investor, co-founder or Executive Director. In 2013, Musk told me that he spent Monday at SpaceX in Los Angeles, on Tuesday evening went to Tesla in Palo Alto, where he worked Wednesday and Thursday, and then returned to Los Angeles to devote time SpaceX on Friday and weekends. Saturday and Sunday were sometimes shared with Tesla.

6 June 2017, the businessman said he had more time to take manufacturer of electric cars. Musk called Tesla magnet which attracts scandals. So now the company needs more attention from their founder. It is not clear how much time Musk spends at home, but his five sons are with the father about four days a week, from books ashlee Vance “Elon Musk”.

Boys regularly visit the factories Tesla and SpaceX in California and once a year are traveling with their father. On annual camping trip w kids. Trying a place just south of Carmel in California this year.

“Im a very good dad. Children hold me in a little more than half of the week, I give them enough time. I also take them with you when you leave town,” says Musk.

His relationships with women Musk was paid not so much time compared with that spent on children and work. After his divorce, with Justine Musk in the year 2008 and the first parting with his second wife actress Talulah Riley entrepreneur came up with a plan “the 10-hour date”. I think that all is well with the time, which I devote to the business and children. But I would like to find more time for Dating.

I need to find a girlfriend. Thats why I need to carve out some more time. I think, maybe even five to ten hours. How much time a woman wants in a week. Maybe ten hours.

It is at least. I dont know. He and Riley were reconciled and married in 2013, but then broke up finally.

Now Musk is Dating actress amber heard, and maybe give it more than 10 hours a week, notes Quartz. Earlier the businessman spent the hours of rest, “devouring books” one by one, said in his biography of authorship Vance. Musk spent on reading 10 hours a day.

Now, according to Quartz, the head of Tesla switched to the more “lazy” leisure, which includes video games, listening to music while traveling by car and sometimes watching movies. “To communicate with children, to see friends. Sometimes going crazy on Twitter.

But usually a lot of work,” says Musk. 7 Jun businessman surprised his followers with the message, which indicated that he uses the wine with sleeping pills. A little red wine, vintage record, some Ambien. And magic.

. It has responded to the President of the startup incubator Y Combinators Sam Altman, who warned the Mask that “tweets about the Ambien is a dangerous game”. “One need only add a vintage record player — and everything becomes good” — tried to calm him the founder of Tesla.

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