Yandex equipped with virtual reality helmets 50 taxi in Moscow and St. Petersburg — impressions of the editor

Option available when ordering a taxi tariff “Economy” and “Comfort”. If the order will take the car with a helmet virtual reality, the application will notify the user. The driver must show the passenger the helmet and help to turn it on — then instead of streets of the city people will see a rainforest. In Russia this is the first experiment of this kind.

The ride lasts about twenty minutes. The passenger usually holds them looking at their phone, listening to the radio or conversing with the driver. Alternatively, we offer entertainment content — so that passengers can escape from everyday reality. Some machines also offer child seats for children older than seven years could also use the helmet.

The head of group of marketing communications “Yandex.Taxi” Daria Zolotukhin told about options and the reasons for its launch. Why did you decide to apply it to virtual reality technology.

We have often wondered how to make the people get not just quality service, but also positive emotions during the trip. We are excited about tech, and of course, wanted to share it with our users. Trying something new is always an adventure. A similar motif was also when we decided to roll the Muscovites on Tesla — the first taxis in Moscow. By the way, at the example of Tesla, we knew that we were in point — our users really like us, like technological innovations.

Why as a partner you chose Fibrum. Today, the company Fibrum is the market leader, not only Russian, software-development, they released more of all VR applications in the world. They have extensive experience in creating high quality content for users and for business.

In addition, they have developed a virtual reality helmet that gives a high quality picture and is the most user-friendly. They provided a complete solution. A virtual reality helmet and software is what we needed.

What are the functions of the helmet. That will see a user. With the help of the helmet, the user sees a fully simulated world of virtual reality, where he will ride on a roller coaster on a forgotten tropical island.

To fully enjoy the immersion into another reality is important for picture quality and viewing angle. In Fibrum it is the maximum for today — 110 degrees. In addition, a special effect attached to the rides cars taxi. We can say that the main function of helmet is to cause a storm of emotions and adrenaline blast.

Are you going to open up this option in other cities. Possible. Look at the interest and feedback from our users in Moscow and St. Petersburg and decide. Maybe that will give the user a choice of virtual reality (until now only possible to fly through the jungle) and maybe expand the geography of project.

Chief editor took advantage of the new service and shared their impressions. I made a trip to “Yandex.Taxi” virtual reality. For our latitude, this unusual experience, before I had ever seen.

But if you already played with this helmet before, we feel it does not come as a surprise. Movement of the trolley is not synchronized, of course, with the path of the car that makes you completely immerse in virtual reality. But at some point, when you accelerate and in simulation, and in life, feeling more or less overlap, its funny.

I dont know what can be for people with sensitive vestibular apparatus. Probably not very fun. Not sure that this ride will be the deciding factor when choosing a taxi service for my peers and those who are older. However, for children and adolescents this is a very attractive story (my hunch was confirmed and who was riding with me the driver, who said that the children in delight from this device). Therefore, the main target audience — parents.

In July 2015 in the Moscow Park of the service “Yandex.Taxi” appeared Tesla electric cars, one of which a month later was in an accident. The machine can be brought up using the promo code YandexTesla — if it is free, the passenger can use it.


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