“Yandex” has offered a minute to do nothing and showed different versions of the spam in the advertising campaign of your browser

Banners appeared in publications Geektimes, TJ, in social media and programmatic networks with thematic segments. The team developed them into two types — static and dynamic.

After the user clicks a banner, goes to a page with the following message. After pressing the button on the website will display a variety of banners, similar to the fraudulent. They offer to find the link “favorite TV shows”, learn your card number in the database, to see the forbidden video download OS all programs in one file and another.

If the user within a minute dont click on one banner, then sees a message with the text “did Not work”. If the user responds to one of the proposals, he opens this page. In both cases, the service offers download “Yandex.Browser” technology to Protect (when the user begins to enter a password on a suspicious website, the system warns him of danger).

According to the marketing communication Manager of “Yandex” Maria Ignatova, the project had two main objectives. To make the product the leader in the security field among browsers and to attract a new audience of Internet users through the online channel. The objective was to develop communication at a young audience that is not watching TV as often is the Internet.

It was necessary to draw attention to the technology of active protection Protect that forestalls — “she recognizes any danger before it can cause damage”, according to Ignatov. People know about the threats, waiting for them on the Internet, and are wary of them. According to the results of our research, the biggest fear of users deal with viruses and Trojans, the second place is stealing money from the card, and the third — phishing. Many had their own experience to ensure that the Internet can be vulnerable, but not all are willing to take active steps to protect themselves.

In integrated campaigns for the online channel, we focused on a young audience and made fun of the educational project “listen up!”. A man in a minute should not succumb to the phishing ads, which you can sometimes click accidentally or out of curiosity. The insight here is that fraud can only be in two ways.

Or to do nothing at all in the network (either to seek information or follow links or to connect to public Wi-Fi networks) or just download “Yandex.The browser” and be protected. Sergei doroshko, managing Director at Leto Agency in achieving the project, told vc.ru on how his team worked on the concept sozdania why chose such calls to action and options for the spam. As you approached the development of the idea.

If we talk about inspiration, we were repelled by the current positioning and image of the company. Consumers are accustomed to thinking of services of “Yandex” as an integral part of his life — the personal assistant on many issues. About the problem of fraudulent advertising, we tried to talk in a positive way, even with a touch of humor. Videos “Yandex.Browser” built on the same philosophy — if youre with “by Yandex”, nothing will happen.

In part of the working process the main, perhaps, were the workshops and brain storms with the client. Active cooperation went to the project, helped to reach an understanding. What audience are you focused.

The challenge was to make the project as clear and close to everyone, but the core audience — young and active people aged 15 to 25 years. Those who are happy to share their favourite content with friends. Why did you choose these versions of spam (the offer of a place at Harvard, horoscopes by card number and so on).

You have conducted some research on the most popular or annoying spam. What were you oriented. Independent research we have not used available data from open sources, as well as real examples encountered personally (our favorite is about checking the card number in the database of criminals). As a result, we showed users how common variants of spam and ridiculous that we ourselves come to mind.

How you got the idea with the phrases “dont do anything for a minute” and “So-and to predict long”. Were there any other options to attract the attention of users. Of course, there were many options, but we tried to look at the problem from the side and asked myself.

As a simple user who does not want to “bathe” on the subject of its security, wants to buy special software or configure filters in the mail and a browser, you avoid fraud or threats without “Yandex.Browser”. Get out of the Internet or anything in it not to do. The first version of us, understandably, not happy — we are for progress, new opportunities and a growing audience. But with the second you can work is to make him a good example within a reasonable contact time.

Here to you and “dont do anything for a minute” — one HUNDRED for the average user and, at the same time, the challenge for active and advanced audience. Thanks to the chosen duration of activation in the sharing there was also a call to pay “a little attention”. “Did not work” and “So-and to predict long” — phrase from the Golden Fund of digital copywriting. They were just waiting for the right moment and now he finally came.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/why-building-your-own-startup-makes-you-part-of-the-most-important-process-on-this-planet/

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