YayFon €? Service For Integration Free Calls On Website

Allows companies to add audio to your website or mobile app. My name is Jamil Abdullayev, Im a co-founder of the service YayFon. I received a masters degree at Chalmers University. majoring in Computer Science and over 20 years experience in software development and creating the architecture for the Telecom industry.

In 2014 we began work on the project YayFon, which is a SaaS platform for creating communication and enables companies to add on their sites and in mobile app features audio, video and messaging (SMS, chat, notifications). Our team of seven employees. Read more Id like to tell you about the service of free calls to sites.

The main feature is that visitors of the client site without leaving it, you can make free call to the call center (we call originare from website to IP PBX via SIP Protocol) or on the mobile app YayFon the owner of the site. The process of installing the free call button on website is very easy. Just register and select the option to accept calls.

We offer two methods of call origination: For calls from a browser, we use the Protocol SIP over WebSocket. In order that the site visitor could use our service, the browser must support WebRTC. In some browsers yet fully support WebRTC, for such cases we propose the installation of the TemaSys plugin.

The whole process is maximally simplified, button setup YayFon takes no more than five to ten minutes. I want to note that this is not a callback service, and were missing the minute. Site owners only pay for monthly service and get unlimited communication.

Our product can be useful for banks, online stores, travel agencies, taxi and courier services, hotels, airlines. We opened sales at the end of March 2017, and now our service is already used 70 companies.

We are completing the development of the modules “chat” and “video call”. Also actively working to develop the desktop version of the program. This will allow us to offer free calls and chat in one product. The app is available for smartphone users on iOS and Android.

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