Yet Tesla: Which Electric Cars You Can Buy In Russia

In early August, BMW has released a promotional video with the man sitting on the porch in anticipation of Tesla 3. The VoiceOver tells him that during this time he twice has time to pay taxes and to celebrate the New year. Alternatively, the company offers its own hybrid sedan, the BMW 330e, which do not need to wait. In Russia electric car BMW 330e is not yet available, however, alternatively, the domestic division of the company offers the model i8.

Its not an electric car, a hybrid with an internal combustion engine and plug-in electric drive. A rigid connection between the engines is missing — so they can work separately and together. However, the car can be recharged from the mains. The power reserve when moving the battery will be only 37 km.

The combined cycle fuel consumption of 100 km and 2.1 liter. BMW engineers say that with the combination of electric drive and petrol engine the car accelerates to 100 km per hour in 4.4 seconds. Based on the information on the website of the Russian companies, the cost of an electric vehicle starts from 10 million rubles.

Mercedes-Benz, and BMW, offers Russian buyers of hybrid vehicles instead of electric vehicles. On the website of the company available description of the four models. Sedans C 350 e and S 500 e L, SUV GLC and GLE 350 e 500 e. Externally, the cars do not differ from the production models Mercedes-Benz.

Cars can run on both internal combustion engine and electric drive. The electric charge allows you to travel up to 31 miles at speeds up to 130 km/h. Electric cars charged via a standard household outlet or charging station. At maximum current the charging process lasts around 1.5 hours.

When connected to a household outlet, charging can take up to 3.1 hours. Hybrid Mercedes-Benz cars in Russia starts from 3.2 million rubles. For a sedan S 500 e L buyer need to pay 7.2 million rubles.

C 350 e. S 500 e L. GLC 350 e. GLE 500 L. Russian fans of electric vehicles the Japanese automaker is offering two models.

The i-MiEV and Outlander PHEV. I-MiEV is positioned as a compact urban electric vehicle. The maximum speed quadruple car — 130 km per hour. The power reserve is 150 km.

To charge the car from a household socket 220V, but the company also offers to buy the mobile station rapid charging — fully charge the Mitsubishi i-MiEV will need 25-30 minutes. The cost of the car — 999 thousand rubles.

The Outlander PHEV, according to the description on the website, is “the first electromechanika”. However, the car is not electric and does not depend entirely on the battery — it also has a petrol engine. With the combination, which other manufacturers call a hybrid setup, the Outlander PHEV can travel on one tank filling up to 880 km.

The cost of the SUV in Russia starts from 2.4 million rubles. For the first time, Toyota introduced the hybrid Prius in 1997.

The new model is available and Russians. On the official website of Toyota in Russia does not include the cost of a new model Prius. On the website you can find a car with low mileage for 1.6 million rubles.

Also on the website does not specify the fuel consumption. According to the EPA, the Prius consumes 3.7 liters on 100 km. On the supplied to Russia the Prius there is no possibility to charge the car — motors are powered by a petrol engines.

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