“You Should Not Focus On Conversions” — Recommendations For Configuring Video Ads In YouTube

Contextual advertising system invent new instruments, and the audience that advertisers are trying to influence with their help, it is growing slower. You can speak about qualitative changes — about “overflow” audience in the mobile world — but not today. Today I will talk about the launch of an advertising campaign YouTube. Available to embed in YouTube formats, Ill discuss only the most popular, familiar and convenient for advertisers format — TrueView In-Stream.

This is the format to skip pre-roll unlimited duration with pay-per-view or interaction, such as clicking on the link in the video — that is, securing a contact of the user with advertising. Typically, clients come to the Agency Internet advertising with the ready creative. If you are one of them, you can skip this step, but it is better to read it in the future. To launch a video campaign, no matter what you do video.

Serious shot of the production company and unscrewed for mad money on television or made “on the knee” video from images with superimposed sound. But if you have yet to do the video, you should consider the following recommendations.

The maximum use the first five seconds of the ad. To skip prerolled (and we are talking about this format) view the first five seconds of your video is inevitable for the user. Only then he will be able to click on “skip ad”. It is therefore very important to identify the object of advertising in the first five seconds is the chance to affect even the audience that doesnt want to watch the video.

And impact free, as you pay only for viewing the whole video length to 30 seconds. Google conducted a study for one of our clients who have not used even the brand logo in the first five seconds of the video. The results showed complete absence of changes in brand awareness among those who watched the first few seconds of the video and clicked “skip ad”, and those who have not seen him.

Dont get carried away with creativity. You can invest in the video “how to” is to make it a full little film with a plot and special effects. But that will be no good if you forget about the main goal of the campaign is to make more people remember your brand and your product.

In advertising there is a concept “the image of the vampire” — a vivid, memorable picture, which is absolutely not associated with your brand or product. Avoid these useless ideas and images, follow the previous advice and dont forget to include the movie logo and an image or mention of the object that advertise. “Dont screw this”.

It is possible that to explain all the benefits of your product will fail within 15 to 20 seconds of the video. According to Google, “Yandex” it is the optimal length of video advertising, although many advertisers still prefer the classic 30 seconds. As already mentioned, the duration of commercials in our case is not limited. Note that for viewing, you pay only when a user is viewing the entire movie as a whole, if it is shorter than 30 seconds, or when viewing the first 30 seconds if the video is longer.

Hence we can conclude. Video length to 30 seconds ensures that you will pay for full rather than partial view of the roller by the user. And remember a simple truth: the shorter the video, the more likely that it will watch the end of. You need to understand that advertising video with one roller without the prospect of others is the default flight, i.e. short-term accommodation.

According to information received from employees of Google information, the optimal time video campaign — two weeks. In the future, the quality of the audience deteriorates, and the price for viewing is growing. The reasons are understandable. Fewer number of people do not click “Skip ad” on your video, and the system has to produce more expensive contacts with the audience, because the resource is cheap contacts have been exhausted.

The cost per contact with audience on YouTube is disproportionately less than the cost of contact for television advertising and a comparable (though sometimes much less) with the cost of advertising on the Google display network (display network) Google. The CPV of Moscow and Moscow region does not reach and 1,5 rubles for the regions in our practice, it is less than one ruble, and it is rather limiting values — part of the traffic will still cost you much cheaper. Here we come to the burning question.

How much money should be spent on the video campaign, “so that zhahnul”. Yes, in principle, no matter. The only limitation to the budget is your financial capabilities. A cardinal rule for budgeting your video campaign is to keep the ratio between the selected audience and budget size.

What this means in practice. For example, you can run a campaign on the Russian audience, having 100 thousand rubles, and just “smear” their money on a huge audience. The campaign will work honestly, your views you get, but they will be distributed around the country is so thin that the effect youll hardly notice. In this case it is better to target some specific region or even part of it, and for targeting to choose any of the available audiences on relevant activities of your interests or topics that are close to the object of advertising.

However, too much money — too bad. If you lay a big budget for a limited audience, and the price for you is strictly limited to the media plan, to implement the budget will be difficult. Will either have to re-look at your audience, or to increase the price limit for viewing.

To calculate the capacity of the audience, not being an expert, it is difficult, however, at least figure out its you. For example, if the city has 500 thousand people, you limit the number of times per week to two per user, I put the term campaign in two weeks and I know that view will cost you about 80 cents. It is pointless to lay on such a campaign of four million. With such constraints, you simply will not spend.

This is the simplest example of forecast excluding special targeting. For more advanced calculations, it is better to consult specialists in advance of figuring how much money you are willing to allocate, you will be offered the best options. Im not going to focus on the technical aspects of setting a video campaign as detailed instructions there is references Google. However, it should be noted that the main thing is to choose target audience and to target correctly.

Keep in mind that at the moment for campaigns there is no such option as “bid Only” that allows you to set bid adjustments for targeting specific without narrowing the scope. So, if you want to show videos to a specific audience but within the audience to select more target groups of users, you will have to copy your video and target only these people and then assigning them to other bets. Accordingly, these audiences must be excluded from the original campaign.

It is worth noting that for video campaigns available option to limit by impressions and views on a unique user. Do not neglect this opportunity so your advertisement will be much slower to annoy the viewer. If you have multiple clips, you can run them in parallel or sequentially, so as not to bore people with the same creativity. Dont forget about remarketing.

About both remarketing. Show the video to those who have visited your website, and then show everyone who watched your video, your ad on the search — and this is not the final list of available targeting. At this stage there will be problems. The effectiveness of video advertising is difficult to assess.

As the effectiveness of any media advertising, even the simplest of graphic banners that you certainly not once let it free in the Google display network Google. In no event it is impossible to compare with the search is. Of course, the effectiveness of the video will be much lower. But it is not necessary to compare it with advertising on the Google display network — although they work on the same principle, the differences are still there.

Whats important to remember. So at this point you can focus only on the VTR — rate. The figure can be called analogue CTR for text ads (although, as you remember, the video ads will be your CTR).

The problem is that there are no clearly effective or ineffective values for this indicator to denote not, as it usually is around 20-30%. If this evaluation does not suit you, you can take a sin on soul and to compare the performance of campaigns with MMR, specifically the price of clicks and viewing conditionally calling it price contact with the audience. In this case, you must be aware of the “artificiality” of such a comparison.

But if you are a large advertiser with a budget for video ads from 50 000 rubles per day and the campaign for at least a week, you are more serious indicators. Google free will do for you marketing research Brand Lift and Brand Interest (for the latter you need at least two weeks collect statistics) that show how the interest and awareness about your brand among the audience YouTube and Google search. For video advertisers across YouTubes so-called Bumper Ads. This is a short “cuts of the best moments” of a long video, and impressions after the advertising campaign can help to maintain its effect until the launch of the new creative.

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