“You Stand Before The Mirror That Reflects Your Every Move”

The founder of the investment Fund Fison Dmitry tomtchuk about why the entrepreneur it is important to remain a good example for employees. Going in one company that I could not resist and asked. “Whats your mess?” I replied.

“My boss in the head is a mess, and we have a company mess”. Surprisingly, not all founders think about the fact that the company, like a mirror, reflecting all the acts and practices of the founder. Procedure, work style.

From first line management to the cleaners all, often unconsciously repeat the behavior of the founder. Not all recall that they also lead the firm, and still are, the most important example for employees. Loyal, of course. By the way, the presence in the firm disloyal people is also a reflection of the Manager, his inability to keep the situation in hand and to manage the company.

A weak leader is a weak company. The theft in the company — so the head allows you to steal. This is the case when the lack of a tough response means acquiescence.

It would be suicide to forget that we are the example for subordinates. Yes, you do not exist in a vacuum, look at you, all employees, approve when you are done and scoff at you when you fail. And suck in turn. Because “even if the chief blunder, and even more so we can be”.

From conflict and greyhounds founders in the firm eternal bickering, intrigue, conflict, power struggle. This means not just lower profits, that means the end of the company soon.

And I know even cases where that was the end of the owner — ultimately a victim of the power struggle among hired employees, his firm became he. It is something like a business version of the Darwin awards, which are issued for the absurd and a senseless death. Everyone knows that the staff in the company always picked up in the image and likeness of the founder, if he really is the head, or in the image and likeness of the head of HR — if the founder is nothing. Then usually a full even husbands, sons, second cousins, aunts, godfathers and uncles from Taganrog with a very dubious business.

There are managers who are removed from conflicts and problems. Say, Im a denizen of heaven on top of mount Fuji, the divine Mikado, contemplating Zen and its greatness, that I was to the scene below. It is among these the greatest number of people have lost business.

You are not alone. You stand in front of a mirror that reflects your every move, and you cannot forget it. If you are positive, calm, friendly, not sow death and destruction, not instill fear in subordinates, not waving his sword hurl, extinguish any conflict and negativity in the beginning, make a constructive, active and creative — it is unlikely that your company will survive the bad times.

People do not want to work only with those leaders who themselves dont want to work or to manage people. Negativity and emptiness give rise to negativity and emptiness. And then we should not be surprised what happens to your business if you do not hold the people for the people, and any communication with you in the long run it would be to justify providing strong evidence that the officer is not the goat.

Cant. It is impossible for a goat. But you also warned there is a good saying — “Not in your own sled”. Would something else. More individual.

Business too team game for people who think they can do whatever they want. Because behind our backs — too many people. Behind them — their families.

Should set a good example. Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, said. “To be a successful leader means setting a good example. I am an example for all the IKEA employees”. Perhaps that is why this company is considered one of the best in the world?.

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