Zapster is a service for finding TV content

My name is Ivan Mikhailov, startups are actively engaged in the last year. I used to work in media holdings Deputy Executive Director. In early 2015, resigned, and together with two older friends (who have extensive experience in the management of the TV-viewing) has decided to launch the service quickly and easily search for TV content for people who are more than 100 TV channels. We called in a team of my mate — technician and programmer.

Created a web platform on which two months have tested user behavior when searching for TV content. The result of this test defined the format of a new service — mobile application — laid the foundations for UX, estimated the development plan and so on. Invested 1.6 million rubles, and have created a mobile app Zapster on Android — posted it in Google Play in August 2015. Tested functionality and in October decided to create the app also for iPhone.

November 2, put it in the App Store. Money in advance, we almost did not put — only tested promotion channels. Thus a month has received about 2,000 downloads in Google Play and 500 downloads in the App Store. Conversion of downloads to active users — about 39%. In the current MVP is only implemented 10% of the planned functionality.

Now we enter into partnership agreements with several major providers and negotiate with investors about raising funds for the active promotion and development of the service in 2016. Returned the floor to the readers.

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