Zera — Home Device For Processing Food Residue

Zera — the appliance that recycles leftovers and turns them into fertilizer. The device was developed by the laboratory WLabs former division of a company producing household appliances Whirpool. Capacity Zera contains about 8 kg of food residues (bread, meat waste, clean fruit and vegetables) — so much, according to researchers, in the month of throws, the average American family.

The first phase of processing — crushing products. The pulp then enters the second compartment, where it starts turning into fertilizer under the influence of oxygen, moisture, heat, special stirrers to accelerate the decomposition and granules from coconut shell that are added to the recycled waste. All the processing takes one day.

Thereafter, the resulting mass can be used to fertilize plants in the garden. To control the device by using the touch panel or mobile app. Now the creators of Zera raise funds to start production on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The cost of the device in retail will be about $1200.

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