Zero Accounts Of Ukrainian Users Of “Yandex” And The Prizes Of Russian Agencies On The “Cannes Lions”

News in the field of advertising and marketing over the last week. 7 June 2017 Swedish collector Samuel West opened a “Museum of failures”. In it he gathered up the products that did not meet their expectations. For example, lasagna from Colgate, the women of Google Glass and a ballpoint pen a Bic.

Clients advertising platform myTarget had the opportunity to buy advertising in video network NativeRoll.TV. The service offers accommodation unit with video ads within the content of the sites — for example, inside publications. When the video player enters the zone of visibility of the user, the video is played automatically; if the user scrolls the page, the video stops. Accommodation is on a CPV model, in which advertisers pay only for visible inspection of the rollers. Viewing is counted if a user saw at least ten seconds of video.

YouTube will be two new types of targeting — user habits and important life events. This was announced during the conference, the Think with Google. Target user habits will allow you to target ads to those who more often visits certain places, for example shops, malls, restaurants or events. Representatives of Google Analytics said that the new service main page is already open for 50% of users, but did not say when access to the innovation will get the rest. On the new page, you can find such data as traffic during the period, the number of active users at the moment, and the most visited pages and revenue for the period.

The Ukrainian edition of AIN reported that “Yandex” zeroed balances Ukrainian advertisers. Before zeroing the company sent out a notification to its Ukrainian partners, in which it was reported that she can no longer perform its obligations to them, in connection with a refund for unused services is impossible. Also “Yandex” has suspended its obligations under all contracts for the duration of the sanctions. Google search has the opportunity to search for jobs. For users will lead a separate unit with suitable vacancies to which you can add preferences.

The job search occurs at the bases of LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, and Facebook. Now this innovation is available only in the United States. The Posts feature on Google that allows you to publish content directly in the search results, became available to all users of the service “My business”. Now entrepreneurs will be able to place in search and on Google maps information about their products, services, and events, creating a record in the service “My business”. When customers seek information about the company in Google, they will also see these publications.

Mark Zuckerberg published a statement in which presented the new mission social network for the next ten years, the basic idea of which is to bring the world closer. The full version sounds like. “To give people the opportunity to build community and achieve greater unity in the world”. At the first summit of communities in Chicago Facebook announced the launch of new features designed to help development groups.

The innovation will affect sections such as “Statistics”, “page”, “Interaction between groups” “Remove content blocked users” and others. New features are launched worldwide and will be available in the near future. The Committee of IAB Russia in the Mobile Ad has released an updated version of the “Card of mobile advertising”. The map includes all key market players. Agency, networks, platforms and platform seller, CPI/CPA networks, Analytics services, shops associated with the promotion of mobile applications, and other.

Download the map here. A selection of examples of the implementation of VR technologies in the advertising strategy of brands. Cases from The New York Times, McDonalds, IKEA, Russia Today and other companies. Vodafone will “apologize” for a wide coverage area of your mobile network in a series of commercials. The video fails to make the rare shot due to the fact that inopportune moment the phone rings.

After this appears. “Communication is everywhere, sorry.”. The editorial Board of the rubric “Marketing” in conjunction with YouTube published YouTube Ads Leaderboard — a list of the most popular commercials on the Internet, posted on YouTube in may. Russian advertising Agency Good Moscow won the Golden lion at the festival “Cannes lions”.

The company received the award in the category Creative Data for Neighborhoods campaign for the “savings Bank”. During it the Bank by voting on the website was collecting information about what shops or other establishments are needed in certain areas of cities. Then, the resulting information was used to create the banners, which advertised loans for small business. At the end of the campaign, the number of applicants clients were three times more than conventional advertising.

Russian advertising Agency Voskhod and Possible Moscow was awarded at the festival “Cannes lions”. “Sunrise” took “bronze” for the project “Curling on cars” insurance Agency “Smartpole”. Possible Moscow has received “silver” for the project “Coffee is not a drug” for coffee cooperative “Black”. The company opened in anonymous domain zoneonion the shop through the Tor network to buy coffee with bitcoin or via Qiwi wallet. Microsoft has released the first promotional video for the new Xbox One X.

The main theme of the advertising campaign — “feel the real power” — should show what Xbox One X will be the most powerful games console in the world. The video shows excerpts from the games that is played by a girl gamer. To the 55th anniversary of Viktor Tsoi “Yandex” has presented a video to the song “Star called Sun”. In the video sung by contemporary St. Petersburg. Musicians, actors, students and ordinary passers-by.

The audience see how varied Saint Petersburg — the hometown of music and how appropriate grammar in any context and at any time. In a cassette player, a guitar or at a noisy party in a smoke-free bar 2010 years. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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